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    The Fire Writers is a creative science communication agency generating and managing online media and other materials to reach diverse wildland fire audiences. Our editors and writers work with you to develop concepts, gather material, and turn out finished products that make technical material understandable to your target audience.



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    Science gives us the knowledge we need to transform and reclaim our understanding of fire, how to prepare to receive it, survive it, and safely integrate its cyclic presence into our lives.


    The urgent state of our wildland fire challenges calls for informed, collective action, which depends on effective communication for understanding, awareness, and cultural change. The Fire Writers collectively addresses the increasing demand for effective, reliable, expertly created wildland fire science and management communications products.


    For over sixteen years I’ve had the honor of working with and for so many of you across the fire community.  After hundreds of fire science briefs, fact sheets, blog, and social media posts, analytics reports, newsletters, website designs, strategic plans, conferences, and workshops, it was time to team up. The Fire Writers is a cadre of outstanding, experienced science writers and digital media pros who know fire and are passionate about delivering the critical information and stories that you have to share. 


    Bring us your research, insights, messages, missions, and knowledge. We’ll transform and deliver it in formats that spark awareness, understanding, innovation, and action, as we endeavor together to understand, manage, and endure the Pyrocene (Thanks Steve Pyne).

    Welcome to The Fire Writers. Let's do this.


    Marjie Brown 




    ScienceFire Solutions, Inc



    “Marjie Brown is that unique resource you go to with a problem that requires an innovative, creative, and captivating solution. Over the decade I've known her, she has delivered time and time again. Her contributions have enabled us to provide invaluable educational outreach to a large and disparate audience. She is a truly indispensable resource."

    Robert W. Gray

    Fire Ecologist at RWG & Associates  |  Former Board of Directors

    Association for Fire Ecology  |  Chilliwack, British Columbia



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